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Bikini Sports

Bikini sports are quickly gaining in popularity. The flexibility and comfort of a bikini makes it perfect for intense activity which is why it has become the standard for such sports like beach volleyball. It allows for completely free movement, so stretching for those last minute saves will be a cinch in one of these swimsuits!

Bikini Sports

Of course not every bikini is perfect for every type of sports. Certain cuts will work better for some sports than they would others. For example, for beach volleyball a classic triangle cut is a good choice for the top piece. Your selection of the bottom piece really just depends on preference and personal comfort level. A full cut bottom will provide the most coverage front and back, but you may find a Brazilian or a wider cut thong to be less restrictive to your movements. With these more narrow cuts, you will also likely find you spend less time making adjustments which will leave you more time to score points!

Jogging or running fall into the bikini sports category, too. By wearing a bikini during these activities, your movements will be freer. This will allow you to take long, steady strides increasing the duration of your run and some even say it will help you run faster. A former Olympic athlete even sported a bikini for her runs. What more proof do you need than that? Try a bikini the next time you are going out for a run. You may find you never want to run in anything else ever again!

No matter what your favorite sports activity is, you may find it easier to do in a flexible bikini. The fit, style and comfort will have you excelling at your chosen activity, and on top of that, you will look good while doing it!