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Bikini Beaches

Some of the best bikini beaches in the world are right here in the Southeast of the United States. Whether you prefer the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, or the beauty of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, there is a beach out there for everyone's taste. Once you pick out your gorgeous new bikini, the only thing left is to decide which beach you want to hit first! Let's take a look at what makes a few of these destinations special.

Bikini Beaches

Panama City Beach, FL is one of the ultimate bikini beaches in the eastern half of the U.S. Spring Break fans come from hundreds of miles around to flock to this popular location. This beach has been the go-to spot for Spring Break since the 1950s, and the crowd here shows no signs of slowing down. If Spring Break isn't your thing, never fear. There are plenty of other times to visit when the crowds will be thinner, lending to plenty of peaceful time on the beach in your hot bikini.

If you are looking for a place that's hot year-round, Miami's South Beach area may be the ultimate in bikini beaches. It's often called the American Riviera, South Beach is the place to see and be seen. If you have been dying to show off that new luxury bikini you recently bought, a trip to this beach is definitely in order. There is plenty to do in your sexy swimsuit both day and night, so make sure you bring lots of choices with you!

Whatever kind of vacation you have in mind, wearing a sexy bikini will definitely turn up the heat on the beach. Keep it fresh with a different swimsuit for each day or, even better, one for day and one for night! You'll be rocking the bikini beaches all summer long.